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New online magazine about islands


I’m one of the editors of a new online magazine to be launched early next year. We’re looking for submissions from island writers and artists from all over the world, and I wondered if you’d be so kind as to share these details with any of your contacts that you feel might be interested in contributing.

Many thanks
Malachy Tallack
The Island Review

Buzz of creativity at Write on Bowen

By Carol Cram, Artistic Director, Write on Bowen

Write on Bowen 2011 was a great success! On opening night, locals and festival-goers from the mainland enjoyed two compelling readings from Giller prize-nominated authors Timothy Taylor and Annabel Lyon.

What a treat! On Saturday and Sunday, 13 workshops and two panel presentations gave attendees lots to think about, talk about, and most important, write about!

The Saturday evening “Write to the Island” event hosted by Elee Kraljii-Gardiner and Michael Turner at the Gallery @ Artisan Square involved participants in a series of intense community writing exercises. The buzz of creativity in the air gave new meaning to the phrase Write on Bowen! Continue reading

Workshop changes at Write on Bowen

We’ve had to cancel three workshops at the festival, but 13 others are going full steam ahead. The cancelled workshops (and apologies to those who had registered for these) are: Workshop 3 – If You Can Talk You Can Right with Shelley Harrison Rae; Workshop 8 – Publishing with Susan Safyan and Workshop 12 – Short Story contests with Annie Daylon.

Accom available at Bowen Lodge

Bowen Lodge has just let us know that that they have plenty of accommodation at just $99 for a garden view room and $109 for ocean view. Such a deal! It’s a five-minute walk from the ferry terminal, so you don’t need to bring a car, either.

Talk * Laugh * Share at Write on Bowen 2011

By Richard Labonté

Shelley Harrison Rae (pictured)Neil McKinnon, Norma Charles, Ainslie Manson and Cynthia Nicolson are all at Write on Bowen this year

If you can talk, you can write. If you can spin life’s whimsical moments into stories that make friends laugh, you might want to incorporate humour into your writing. And if you want to try crafting prose for children or young adults – perhaps the toughest audience of all – you could turn your hand to picture books or YA novels.

Ambitious? Absolutely. But those disparate options for encouraging and engaging the writer within are among the eclectic offerings of Write on Bowen, coming soon for a fourth year – July 8 -10 – to Artisan Square.

Shelley Harrison Rae, author of Life Leaves Stains and an instructor at The Wordlink Lounge on the Sunshine Coast, believes that “when you talk, you don’t stop to choose the perfect word.” Her workshop will encourage want-to-be writers to break through their inhibitions in order to start telling stories. Continue reading

Warland, Nuttall-Smith, Bolen & Gardner on poetry and multi-media

By Bernice Lever

Betsy Warland is the author or the must-read book “Breathing the Line - Reading the Act of Writing”

Helping writers to write and then to perform their words effectively to the public is the focus of some of the workshops and the special lunch panel at Write on Bowen 2011.

On Sunday, July 10, Betsy Warland, multi-genre writer and the director of SFU’s Writer’s Studio Program, will teach poets how to create with a focus on what is not said and then save what they exclude for the next poem.

Warland has published a must-read book for all writers: “Breathing the Line – Reading the Act of Writing”. Come and be inspired by the Growing the Poem workshop that encourages writers to expand their talents.

Warland’s message will be clear when she reads in the noon-hour panel on the Spoken Word. Choosing the best word arrangements on the page guides the reader to give the best reading. Continue reading

Workshops filling fast at Write on Bowen!

By Bernice Lever

With just over three weeks to go until the Write on Bowen Festival, several workshops are already getting close to full. Local writers interested in attending one, two, or more workshops (or purchasing a pass for the best deal) should register soon to secure the workshops and events they want.

The festival is also a great opportunity for local and off-island writers to meet, write, interact, and enjoy. Visit our main website to register.

Elee Kraljii Gardiner back by popular demand

By Jacqueline Massey

Elee Kraljii Gardiner is leading a workshop and co-hosting the Saturday dinner event at Write on Bowen

Freelance writer and poet Elee Kraljii Gardiner – a great hit at Write on Bowen 2010 is back by popular demand this year.

She is leading a workshop on Unbuilding the Blocks, as well as co-hosting the Saturday dinner event (with Michael Turner): Write to the Island: Adventures in Social Writing.

Kraljii Gardiner is an adjunct member of The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University who teaches creative writing at the Carnegie Community Centre. She is the director of Thursdays Writing Collective and the founder of Otter Press.

Kraljii Gardner says that she writes “in gushes, generating a lot and then settling into a fallow period that is perfect for tinkering.” When it comes to revision, she says the trick is to give it time and patience. Continue reading

Embarrassment can stop you writing, says Getsinger

By Jacqueline Massey

If you has ask a writer why they write, they may not be able to specifically name what it is that drives them. But if asked what stops them from writing, expect a detailed, possibly emotional account. In Jennifer Getsinger’s case, she says it is embarrassment.

Pix Jennifer Getsinger

Jennifer Getsinger's Nature Journaling workshop is on Sunday, July 10, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

“Embarrassment that my writing is not scintillating enough. Embarrassment about trying to write intimate moments without creating mockery in the reader. Embarrassment about weak stories. And lately, embarrassment that it has taken me so long to write them down.”

Clearly, the published author has largely succeeded in surmounting this barrier. Getsinger, a graduate of SFU’s Writers’ Studio in creative writing, will be facilitating a Nature Journaling workshop during the Write on Bowen Festival.

In addition to journaling daily, Getsinger has written fiction, nonfiction, poetry and even geological and other scientific reports. With a background in anthropology and geology, Getsinger has developed a style of “describing the natural world around me as I proceed through life as more of an observer than participant.” Continue reading

Special Early Bird price ends tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s the last day to get the Early Bird special price for Write on Bowen festival.