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Buzz of creativity at Write on Bowen

By Carol Cram, Artistic Director, Write on Bowen

Write on Bowen 2011 was a great success! On opening night, locals and festival-goers from the mainland enjoyed two compelling readings from Giller prize-nominated authors Timothy Taylor and Annabel Lyon.

What a treat! On Saturday and Sunday, 13 workshops and two panel presentations gave attendees lots to think about, talk about, and most important, write about!

The Saturday evening “Write to the Island” event hosted by Elee Kraljii-Gardiner and Michael Turner at the Gallery @ Artisan Square involved participants in a series of intense community writing exercises. The buzz of creativity in the air gave new meaning to the phrase Write on Bowen! Continue reading

Warland, Nuttall-Smith, Bolen & Gardner on poetry and multi-media

By Bernice Lever

Betsy Warland is the author or the must-read book “Breathing the Line - Reading the Act of Writing”

Helping writers to write and then to perform their words effectively to the public is the focus of some of the workshops and the special lunch panel at Write on Bowen 2011.

On Sunday, July 10, Betsy Warland, multi-genre writer and the director of SFU’s Writer’s Studio Program, will teach poets how to create with a focus on what is not said and then save what they exclude for the next poem.

Warland has published a must-read book for all writers: “Breathing the Line – Reading the Act of Writing”. Come and be inspired by the Growing the Poem workshop that encourages writers to expand their talents.

Warland’s message will be clear when she reads in the noon-hour panel on the Spoken Word. Choosing the best word arrangements on the page guides the reader to give the best reading. Continue reading

Elee Kraljii Gardiner back by popular demand

By Jacqueline Massey

Elee Kraljii Gardiner is leading a workshop and co-hosting the Saturday dinner event at Write on Bowen

Freelance writer and poet Elee Kraljii Gardiner – a great hit at Write on Bowen 2010 is back by popular demand this year.

She is leading a workshop on Unbuilding the Blocks, as well as co-hosting the Saturday dinner event (with Michael Turner): Write to the Island: Adventures in Social Writing.

Kraljii Gardiner is an adjunct member of The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University who teaches creative writing at the Carnegie Community Centre. She is the director of Thursdays Writing Collective and the founder of Otter Press.

Kraljii Gardner says that she writes “in gushes, generating a lot and then settling into a fallow period that is perfect for tinkering.” When it comes to revision, she says the trick is to give it time and patience. Continue reading

Write on Bowen 2010 – The Word is Success!

By Carol M. Cram, festival coordinator

The third annual Write on Bowen festival packed a literary punch chock full of enough inspiration to keep participants going until the fourth annual Write on Bowen!

Twelve workshops, three plenary sessions, a smashing opening night, a gala celebration, and lots of chances to meet and mingle with other writers and the presenters wowed locals and off-islanders alike.

On Opening Night, a packed audience at the Gallery @ Artisan Square listened in rapt silence punctuated frequently by laughter (and even a few bittersweet tears) to renowned Canadian storyteller Ivan E. Coyote.

Her funny, poignant, human stories enthralled the audience and left them wanting more. One word sums up her performance – amazing! Continue reading

Elee Kraljii Gardiner on fighting fear

By Carol M. Cram

Pix Elee Kraljii Gardiner

Poet, editor and publisher Elee Kraljii Gardiner

In her workshop at Write on Bowen this weekend, Elee Kraljii Gardiner will help participants identify that “nagging, negative voice designed to stop you in your tracks.”

As Gardiner says: “Everyone has a unique interior script, but we all have one that gets stuck on repeat when we’re vulnerable. ‘I don’t have time, I don’t deserve to, I’m not clever, can’t spell, it’s been done before and done better, no one cares, etc.’

“These are all tricks our Inner Critics use to makes us fearful of creating new work, in any discipline.” Continue reading

Walk where Lowry, Laurence and Birney once wrote

By Bernice Lever

The Write on Bowen festival features several workshops and events designed to jump start your creativity.

You can take a walk in the Lieben Lands with poet Bernice Lever; join the Pandora’s Collective for the Chipping Away at Writer’s Block workshop; and tap in to your inner poet with Miranda Pearson in her poetry workshop.


Pix Bernice Lever

Bernice Lever

Just a couple of kilometres from the ferry are the 10 acres of natural rain forest along Eagle Cliff Road donated by Einar and Muriel Neilson. In the mid-1990s, the Neilsons hosted long visits by famous writers and artists: Earle Birney, Malcolm Lowry, Margaret Laurence, Lister Sinclair, etc. This ever-changing camp fellowship would swim, BBQ, sing, and create.

Bernice Lever is your guide for this free event from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, July 2. Bring your own picnic, water, and camera, and wear walking shoes. Drop in for a quick look or stay for the afternoon.
Continue reading