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Buzz of creativity at Write on Bowen

By Carol Cram, Artistic Director, Write on Bowen

Write on Bowen 2011 was a great success! On opening night, locals and festival-goers from the mainland enjoyed two compelling readings from Giller prize-nominated authors Timothy Taylor and Annabel Lyon.

What a treat! On Saturday and Sunday, 13 workshops and two panel presentations gave attendees lots to think about, talk about, and most important, write about!

The Saturday evening “Write to the Island” event hosted by Elee Kraljii-Gardiner and Michael Turner at the Gallery @ Artisan Square involved participants in a series of intense community writing exercises. The buzz of creativity in the air gave new meaning to the phrase Write on Bowen! Continue reading

Write on Bowen festival pix (3)

Volunteers Baiba Thomson and Kami Kanetsuka outside the Gallery at Write on Bowen 2011

Timothy Taylor relaxes at Write on Bowen festival

Timothy Taylor relaxes outside the Gallery at Artisan Square Friday, July 8.

Write on Bowen festival pix (2)

Ben Nuttall-Smith at Sunday's spoken word performance

"Writers can't wait any longer to get on board with e-Publishing, e-Readers and learning about electronic rights," Workshop host Julie Ferguson told participants at the Write on Bowen 2011 festival

Workshop Hosts Elee Kraljii-Gardiner (left) and Jennifer Getsinger (right) chat over breakfast at Write on Bowen festival Sunday.

Write on Bowen festival pix (1)

Bernice Lever (left), Elee Kraljii Gardiner (right) with another participant (centre)

David Stephens (right) asks the audience to spot the difference between self-published and commercially published books, watched by other panellists,E.R. Brown (far left) and Susanne Martin (middle)

Annabel Lyon and Timothy Taylor delight audience at Bowen Island festival

Annabel Lyon and Timothy Taylor at the Gallery on Bowen Island (photo: Alison Bate)

By Alison Bate

Two very thoughtful, imaginative minds kept the audience rapt on opening night at the Write on Bowen festival.

Annabel Lyon, author of The Golden Mean, started her readings discussing Ten Uses for a Philosophy Degree, one of which – naturally – led to getting an MFA in Creative Writing.

Author Annabel Lyon signs copies of her book "The Golden Mean" at Write on Bowen Festival 2011 (Photo by Julie Ferguson)

“Which is more useless, do you think, philosophy or creative writing? Hmmm?” she asked.

And, of course, her No.10 was: “Write a novel about Aristotle.”

In her award-winning book, Lyon presents Aristotle as bipolar, and one of the highlights was her reading of Aristotle’s own words about the link between melancholy and creativity.

What we now call bipolar disease, the Greek philosopher called too much “cold black bile” and “hot black bile”.

He wrote that too much cold black bile rendered a person “dull and stupid” whereas people with much hot black bile were “elated and brilliant or erotic or easily moved to anger and desire, while some become more loquacious. Many too are subject to fits of exaltation and ecstasy…”

Lyon also read from her children’s book about Edie, a teenage protagonist with a cousin with Down’s Syndrome. Lyon grew up with an elder brother with Down’s, and it’s a theme close to her heart. In The Golden Mean, Alexander’s half-brother is also mentally challenged.

Timothy Taylor read from his latest novel, The Blue Light Project, and showed how to write a gripping inner monologue when your dinner table colleague goes for a pee.

”He knew his nickname in the L:MN art department, the one they used behind his back,” muses Thom Pegg, a disgraced former journalist in the novel.

“They’d say: Pebialta. Like the name of a Mediterranean resort or an Italian scooter. He wondered about it for quite a while before learning it was an acronym. P-B-I-A-L-T-A. Pegg Briefly Important A Long Time Ago. “

As Pegg tries to flirt with his dinner companion, Chastity: “Oh my, blossom. I just went entirely screensaver there,”

And his ex-wife Jennifer “… not weeks before she went slack-tide on him and disappeared over the lip of the shining mudflats that had suddenly formed all around his person.”

Taylor is now busy on a new novel , which he started about a month ago. “I’m planning to write it fast. It’s a kind of mystery,” he said.

Today is the day!

By Lina Martin-Chan

The Write on Bowen! Festival is finally upon us and I’ve checked the weather forecast- looks like it will be the perfect weather for registration and opening night! (and by that I just mean it won’t rain)

Come to the Gallery at Artisan Square if you haven’t already registered and are still interested in taking some workshops or drop by to check in for tonight!

Workshop changes at Write on Bowen

We’ve had to cancel three workshops at the festival, but 13 others are going full steam ahead. The cancelled workshops (and apologies to those who had registered for these) are: Workshop 3 – If You Can Talk You Can Right with Shelley Harrison Rae; Workshop 8 – Publishing with Susan Safyan and Workshop 12 – Short Story contests with Annie Daylon.

Compelling literary voices (Lyon and Taylor) kick off Write on Bowen

By Richard Labonté

Giller, Commonwealth, Rogers Writers Trust, Ethel Wilson, Libris, Journey, Impac Dublin, Canada Reads – and half a dozen more: the two Canadian literary luminaries kicking off Write on Bowen on Friday, July 8 have amassed a legion of honors for their writing.

That’s no surprise. Work by Annabel Lyon (Oxygen, Best Thing for You) and Timothy Taylor (Stanley Park, Story House) has garnered both critical praise and – what a writer appreciates most – loyal fan followings and great sales.

They’ll each be reading from their most recent novels, from the past and from the future. For Lyon, that’s The Golden Mean, a brilliant historical re-imagination of the teacher/student relationship between philosopher Aristotle and the boy who would grow up to be Alexander the Great—a book about ideas that encompasses earthy concerns. Continue reading

Timothy Taylor’s ebook free today

Timothy Taylor, who’s co-opening our Write on Bowen festival on July 8 and also hosting a workshop on July 9, writes that his Blue Light Project ebook is free for download today at Barnes and Noble.