The A-Z of Bowen Island writers: a detailed list

Bowen Island has always attracted writers.

Malcolm Lowry, Earle Birney, Margaret Lawrence, Jane Rule and many other famous writers all came here to write and relax at Lieben – an unofficial writers’ colony hosted by the Neilsons off Eaglecliff Road. More recently, Nick Bantock, of Griffin and Sabine fame, lived on Bowen for a decade. Science fiction writer Spider Robinson currently lives here, as well as the multi-talented Michael Nicholl Yahgulanaas, author of the bestselling Flight of the Hummingbird.

Bowen Island is also home to an impressive number of other published writers. The list below demonstrates the breadth of talent here on The Rock:

  • Adams Segal, Dale: Nonfiction, poetry, short stories
  • Ashdown, Lorraine:Freelance writing, poetry, songs
  • Bate, Alison: Freelance journalism, shipping, travel
  • Beatty, Fiona: Freelance, nonfiction
  • Beatty, Ken: Freelance, textbooks, children’s fiction, theatre
  • Bennett, Jonathan: Academic philosophy
  • Bosshard, April: Fiction
  • Boyd, Neil: Nonfiction
  • Braund, Susanna: Academic writing
  • Brett, Dawn: Freelance journalism, screenwriting and story editing
  • Brown, Justine: Nonfiction, fiction
  • Cameron, David:Playwright and children’s author
  • Buzzelle, Darcie: Journalism
  • Chan,Victor: Biography, travel
  • Corrigan, Chris: Technology, poetry, song
  • Cram, Carol: Business and computer textbooks
  • Dawson, Rebecca: Cuisine, travel writing
  • Dumbrille, John: Nonfiction, technology
  • Dunster, Julian: Science, technical
  • Dunster, Kathy: Cartography, natural resources
  • Faragher, Nick: Fiction
  • Fitz-Gibbon, Sally: Children’s fiction
  • Fraser, Keath: Novel, short story, essay, memoir
  • Freeman, Hugh: Medical, gastroenterology
  • Furst, Jan: Norse saga, futuristic novel, poetry
  • Glave, James: Nonfiction, freelance
  • Grescoe, Audrey: Travel, history, nature
  • Grescoe, Paul: History, business, travel, detective fiction
  • Grey, Gini: Inspirational self-help
  • Haggerty, Joan: Fiction, memoir
  • Haggerty, Sharon: Science education
  • Haley, Heather: Poetry, fiction, blogging
  • Hanen, Edythe Anstey: History, fiction, poetry
  • Harrison, Josephine: Fairytales
  • Haxby, Sarah: Ezines
  • Holm, Wendy: Column writing, science, environment
  • Hondro, Marcus: Column writing
  • Hudson, Heather: Nonfiction, telecommunications articles and books
  • Johnson, Sheree: Business writing, column writing
  • Kanetsuka, Kami: Travel writing, story-telling, essays
  • Kerr, John: Nonfiction, psychology, sport
  • Killy, Karai: Personal essays
  • Kiraly, Stephen: Medicine, brain health, self-help
  • Klein, Louis: Homeopathic textbooks
  • Koehle Jones, Andrea: Journalism, children’s nonfiction
  • Labonté, Richard: Anthology editor, book reviewer
  • Le Bel, Pauline: Novel, screenplay, play, poetry, song
  • Lever, Bernice: Poetry, editing, textbooks, presenting
  • Little, J.I. (Jack): History
  • Loik, Louise: Freelance nonfiction
  • MacLean, Don: Murder mystery, magazine writing, playwrighting
  • Manson, Ainslie: Children’s books
  • Martin, Susanne: Fiction, nonfiction
  • Massey, Jacqueline: Freelance writing
  • McArthur, Dannie: Gardening
  • Meyers-Carter, Lois: Column writing
  • Morrison, Brenda: Social psychology, justice, zemiology
  • Morton, Adam: Philosophy
  • Neale, Jude: Poetry
  • Nicholson, Maureen: Writing, editing
  • Nicolson, Cynthia Pratt: Nonfiction children’s books
  • Nielsen, Wynn:Garden and nature writing, short stories, poetry
  • Osler, Richard: Poetry
  • Ovenell-Carter, Julie: Travel writing
  • Parker, Jan: Fictional and nonfictional stoytelling
  • Perkins, Martha: Journalism (writes about Bowen)
  • Plowright,Teresa: Science fiction, fantasy, travel
  • Pollard, Dave: Non-fiction, poetry, short stories, music
  • Rhodes, Tim: Editor, children’s fiction
  • Rickett, Sue: Nonfiction, freelance
  • Ritchie, Jon: Children’s fiction
  • Robinson, Spider: Science fiction
  • Rogers, Beverley Huntington: Biography
  • Sanders, Edward: Fiction
  • Saul, Donaleen: Memoir, self-help
  • Schuller, Anita: Poetry
  • Selman, Gordon: Professional adult education, fiction
  • Semeniuk, Robert: Nonfiction
  • Shatzky, Lisa: Poetry and performance poetry
  • Smith, Richard: Nonfiction
  • Sondhi, Amrita: Modern Ayurvedic cooking, health, yoga
  • Telford, Gillian Eades: Gerontology
  • Thauberger, Randy: Nature nonfiction
  • Thomas, Amelia: Narrative nonfiction, fiction, journalism
  • Turner, Bob: Popular science
  • Vik, Julie: Songs, poetry, prose
  • Wachtman, Edward: Poetry, business writing
  • Wallwork, Helen: Memoir
  • West, James: Economic and political commentary
  • Wills, Russel: Nonfiction
  • Woodall, Ron: Humour,history,art,television
  • Yahgulanaas, Michael Nicholl: Haida Manga
  • Zacher, Mark: Politics, international relations
  • Zimmermann, Silvaine: Freelance, fiction, nonfiction
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  • shar turnbull  On December 30, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    looking for book published by Beverley Huntington Rogers – A Merchant Mariner’s War 1940 – 1946 – Please e-mail where I can purchase this.

  • writeonbowen  On May 31, 2011 at 7:44 am

    Hope you got the email I sent with the info


  • ronwoodallRon Woodall  On July 1, 2011 at 2:23 am

    Maybe I should be on the list.

    Ron Woodall. Humour,history,art,television.

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